Chapter 7 – A Dream Unfulfilled

Tobi had continued to cook for the various travelers that were staying in the city. By helping out in the kitchen, he had learned a lot of new recipes. His expertise in cooking was rising rapidly with each new recipe he learned. He was also gaining experience for his cooking skill by improving the recipes he had learned from the tavern’s mistress. If others were to look inside the kitchen, it looked as if things were very busy. But to Tobi, it was just another day in the kitchen while making various dishes. The only thing different for Tobi is that he was making what other people had asked. Continue reading


Chapter 6 – Books, more books, and finally some magic

**AN: Ok…this chapter turned out a bit bigger than I thought it would. But I like how it turned out. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

As soon as Skywind entered the library, he felt a cool breeze in the air. It was very gentle so as not to disturb a reader but relaxing enough to make people feel comfortable while reading. ‘Magic for air conditioning…interesting. I wonder how it works.’ He thought as he looked about with a slightly amused and thoughtful look on his face. Continue reading

Chapter 5 – Rest, Relaxation, and Leather Perfume

Karen had been waiting patiently to spar with her little sister for over a year. One of the few things she had missed after moving to Tokyo had been playing around with Yuri. As for their sparring sessions at the dojo, it would usually end up becoming surrounded by the other students due to it being quite intense. The students would claim that they wanted to learn by watching but their facial expressions revealed how exciting watching the spar between the two sisters were to them. Unfortunately, this also meant that the space available for moving around would be more restricted as they didn’t want any harm to befall the students. This prevented either her or her sister from being able to go all out and fight more freely and instead, they would have to hold back a lot of their ability. So Karen had actually been wanting an all-out spar for even more than a year. Continue reading

Chapter 4 – A Pole to Pick

**AN: I’m not sure if I’m happy with this title…but nothing else came to mind…

Another point is that while I am fairly confident in my spelling and grammar, I am no where near perfect. So feel free to point out any flaws you find.

Zareth walks into the Barracks and notices three doors in front of him. He notices the two doors on the sides are guarded and simply nods to the two guards and walks through the middle door. Inside, he notices a rather wide space with several dummies on the south-west corner, lined up in two rows of 5. There were only a couple of people training on the dummies and both looked to be Guards-in-training. They were both using a classic Sword and Shield combination. Continue reading

Chapter 3 – Business Senses Tingling

Author’s Note: Chapters will be shorter as I’ve decided to split the events that happen to each character up a bit. Point of View can still change depending on the situation though.

Rose was now in a rush after sensing an opportunity to make some money. She had to determine the quality of the equipment being sold in the shops and if possible, find out how much they were being sold for. If she played things right, it might be possible to find some work and learn how things worked in this world. Continue reading

Chapter 2 – Welcome to Celestial Realms

Kumar finishes the setup of the FIVR capsule as soon he can after it arrived. He didn’t do any major research on it but he did enough to know that no one knew much about this game. It was also not possible for leaks as it seems that Torgate kept the programming division separate from their PR people and the CEO definitely wasn’t someone that was going to give its secrets out any time soon. So it was pretty much a whole new world for him to explore. He gets settled in and turns it on, going into the game. He opens his eyes and see nothing but blank space in front of him. Continue reading

Chapter 1 – Before the Beginning

**Author’s Note: Please note that this story will involve changes in the point of view of the character on a regular basis. It will still maintain a narrative type of writing for the most part but that might change in the future. As for this chapter in particular, it might be a little on the boring side as it’s only giving a glimpse of the background of those that can be considered as the core/starting cast of the story. I’m also trying my best not to reveal too much about the characters themselves. Now that that bit is out of the way, enjoy~ **
Kaori had just finished watching the interview with the CEO of Torgate on VRTV and was excited. She really liked the idea of there being very little limitations of how the character can grow. She did have some ideas she wanted to try out and started to sketch and write up a blueprint of her own character. She knew from the research she did that the game limited you to only one class for balance purposes but it didn’t say anything about the profession classes. In fact, there was very little information about professions and how they worked altogether. ‘So if the biggest limits to characters are what we set…does that mean I can learn more than one of the production professions? I’ll have to look into that when the game starts,’ she thinks as she continues to plan her character out. Continue reading

Silver Dragon Syndicate – Prologue

**Author’s Note: I was going to introduce a little background story for the main starting group but that would have made the prologue too long. So chapters 1 and 2 will kind of be the introduction chapters to give some info on the characters and a glimpse at their personalities.**

It was a time when Virtual Reality, VR for short, was a common technology used in households everywhere. Since it was mostly a form of entertainment, there were many VR games out there from various different genres. A company called Torgate was bringing out a new technology to compete in the VR field. They claimed that not only will reality have an effect on the VR, but the VR might also have an effect on reality. They called this technology Full Immersion VR, FIVR for short.

FIVR worked differently from VR in that things you do inside the VR world can have an effect on reality too. Not to mention that unlike typical VR games, with FIVR, a person would be able to feel everything as well as see it. It allowed the use of all 5 senses inside the game as if the person was living there. The company claimed that the reality level of their game was 95%. The release date of the game was still a few months away but there were already over a billion copies sold.


“Hello everyone, thank you for tuning into VRTV news. My name is Lenore Mckenzie and I will be your host today. Today, we bring you an interview with the CEO of Torgate enterprises. On to you Marina.”

“Thank you Lenny. Hi everyone. This is Mariana Rush of VRTV here with Ritsu Shinosaki, the CEO of Torgate. We’re here to talk about the upcoming game that’s kicking up a storm on the net these days.”

The camera switches focus to an East-Asian lady who is dressed in a business suit. It is hard to tell her age from her appearance but she looks to be in her mid-40s. She waves at the camera and says, “Hello. I am Ritsu Shinosaki and I hope that everyone will greatly enjoy Celestial Realms.”

Marina: “Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today Mrs. Shinosaki. I hope you can answer some questions we have today. I want to start by asking what makes FIVR so different from regular VR.”

Ritsu: “That’s a good question. I want to tell you but then I would need to kill you.” Continue reading